The People

This project is a compilation of eight photographs displaying a variety of people that live in Israel. The country is such a special place of diversity: new world and old world, religious and secular, modern and ancient history. The people that live in Israel are no different. There are people who were born before the country was established in 1948, who moved to the land to find a new home, who have helped build and watch this country grow, and have lived through war after war, decades of attempts at peace. There are people who have only recently emigrated from their homes to find solace in Israel, who live in a modern world, maybe blind to the struggle of this new home as their previous homes may have been worse off. 

A common thread in my photographs is capturing moments in which people don't know they're being watched, looked at, or just generally being photographed. These moments captured tend to display people in their most natural state, or at least the most natural that they present themselves in public spaces. This project is a collage of people of this diverse country.