This series is comprised of self-portraits, inspired by a range of feelings often felt by many queer people, including myself. Excited and prideful in ourselves and our community as we reflect on the past 50 years of Pride marches since the Stonewall Riots. But there is another side to this reflection. Look how long this community has suffered, how long they have been marginalized and mistreated, and look at how many people continue to suffer around the world for being who they are. There is a shame for our society; there is a tragic sadness in the inability to progress out of hatred and darkness.

I have personally been through a whirlwind of emotions. I have never felt more myself, and I have never felt more lost. I feel stuck. I have attempted to capture the pride and the shame I talk about through a medium that is closest to me, that I know better than anyone else does, my own body.

"Body" is such a rich topic in our current world... who has rights over their own bodies, who can do what with their bodies, what can bodies look like, what can bodies not do, what bodies can be with other bodies... it goes on. We are most familiar with our own bodies, what we love and hate about them, what they can do, what it feels like to love, to be touched, to feel down, to be put down, to be violated. We express and experience so much of humanity and emotions through the body.

My hope is for you to connect with my emotions and body through your own personal experiences, through your own pride and shame, to feel all of your emotions whether they are positive ones or not, to own your body, your experiences, and empower others to do the same.