Mister Mistress

This fictional narrative is comprised of self-portraits. The series is the internal narrative of a transgendered woman, someone who was born as the male sex, but identifies as a woman.

Proud to be who she is, “Mistress” wakes up and prepares for her day: bra, skirt, make up, shirt, heels... Suddenly, to her dismay, "Mister" wakes up from the blissful dream that is “Mistress” to the unsettling truth of reality. This living nightmare is a society in which does not tolerate or accept her. The true unfortunate story here is that this narrative is not fiction for many individuals that identify as transgender; honestly, this is a struggle for many individuals who identify with a gender or sexuality that is outside of the heteronormative sphere. My wish is for this photo series to create conversation and action; the mistreatment of individuals due to their gender or sexual orientation is a serious problem, and it must cease.