Digital Fashion

This capstone project completed for my Studio Arts degree program at the University of Colorado Boulder allowed for me to apply my prior skills in the arts while exploring different fields of art such as fashion. By combing my passion for fashion, digital arts, and photography, I created a project that divided into the up-and-coming realm of wearable technology: fashion with digital capabilities. During the semester, I designed dresses, researched fabrics and patterns, learned how to write Arduino code and how to use the technology, and more. In its final form, I have a personally designed and hand-made dress, created without a formal pattern, filled with lights. The lights currently in the dress are stagnant, but as I evolve the technology within the dress, they will not only light up, but fade on and off in patterns. Eventually, I wish to expand this project into more interactive fashion: clothing that reacts to movement or sound or touch.

The dress was on exhibition in CU-Boulder's Visual Arts Complex from April 22-28, 2016.